Op-ed below will be published July 12 in the Wisconsin Business Journal:

Governor Evers’ decision to veto the Electric Vehicle (EV) provision in the latest budget is bad for Wisconsin. The provision would have made it legal for manufactures who only build EVs to sell direct to consumers. Amazingly, today the state of Wisconsin makes it illegal for these companies to setup shop and sell their products to consumers. Governor Evers, who campaigned predominantly on education, healthcare and the environment, has let our state down with a strike of his pen, all in the name of consumer protection and inadequate public input and debate.

As President of the WI Tesla Owners’ club, myself and many of the 850+ owners have met with state legislators over the past three years to debate, discuss and have our voices heard on related provisions. We provided rides and education on request. There was ample debate and discussion, representing different opinions, only to reach a point where a vote was never held due to legislative calendar timing or other technicality. Dealers are neither equipped or incentivized to sell Tesla vehicles. Consumers are better represented and supported when purchasing an EV direct from the manufacturer.

Tesla, an American company, is the leader today in EV sales, with a whopping 77% market share. This was achieved through innovation and making products people want to buy, yet in the great state of Wisconsin it is still illegal to purchase a Tesla from a store.

Tell me again why I can't buy a Tesla in my own state?

Mike Klimkosky

WI Tesla Owners & Enthusiasts Club