Welcome to the club

Welcome to the Wisconsin Tesla Owners and Enthusiasts Club.

For a few years now, we’ve had a very active Facebook group called Wisconsin Tesla Owners & Enthusiasts. We were very excited when we surpassed 500 users this year and are now up over 600. However, as we engaged more and more users, we were finding a larger group of people that said they didn’t use Facebook. 😳 Because of this and the fact that the Tesla community is growing considerably faster with the release of the Model 3, we’ve decided to provide an avenue for all owners and enthusiasts to participate in this growing community.

In the near future we will further build out the Owner FAQ with your help. We believe this is important because we consistently discuss the same topics and, as we welcome new users, these topics will again need to be discussed. We are hopeful that these topics will help old and new participants alike.

In addition to our FAQ, we feel our Events and Legislative areas of the site are critically important as well. Events have been popular and, as the community grows, it’s not only fun to interact with each other, but it’s also a great way to learn more about Tesla and spread the word to people that haven’t had the opportunity to experience the amazing technology.

Last year, a number of owners went to Madison and participated in legislative events to help raise awareness of Tesla and help introduce a bill which would allow Tesla to sell direct to consumers. This year we plan to hold similar events and will be updating the Legislative section with details and calls to action.

We have a number of additional plans for the future of the site (co-pilot, member highlights, shopping, events and more) and are excited to continue our adventure with all of you. Please feel free to provide suggestions for additional content that our community would find helpful. Please click Join to become a participant and get notified on updates.

As always, this community is yours and will thrive if others find value from it and add value to it.